Case Study

Myne was launched in the spring of 2009 to all full and part-time Parsons faculty:

As of February 2011, there were 1,339 registered users, including over 150 students prototypes.

In the time since the beta version launch of Myne, it has already produced measurable benefits for the New School community.  Some examples include:

  • Several professors have contacted one another using Myne in order to pursue cross-divisional collaborations after they noticed points of convergence in their respective user profiles.

  • A prototype of the mobile Myne interface enabled visitors at an exhibition of work by Parsons students to quickly pull up each student’s Myne  profile on their mobile phones.  This made it easy for potential employers to learn more about students whose work they found impressive.

  • Myne’s data-visualization features have enabled The New School academic leaders to begin to get a ‘big picture view’ of the university’s courses and programs.  This has enabled them to identify core thematic specialties and it has revealed hidden opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

  • Myne’s in-depth faculty profiles have enabled students to make more informed course selections.  The faculty profile content has also helped students find appropriate mentors for their thesis projects.